On an intellectual level, I’m sure you know self-care is a good thing. Looking after your health and wellbeing is one of your priorities, right?

But in day to day life, when you are working to deadlines or looking for clients or in the midst of an amazing creative streak are you actually implementing and doing it every day?

Taking time to relax and recharge works on so many levels. Obviously, and importantly it gives your body and mind time to switch off from action mode and into restore mode. It can prevent reoccurring illnesses by boosting your immune system as well as avoid burnout and fatigue physically and mentally. But alongside the myriad of health benefits self-care creates so much more momentum and value for your life and business

It gives you:

  • Perspective and insight that you DON’T get when you are sitting in front of your laptop for hours waiting for those emails.
  • Creative inspiration and a deeper understanding of what is important for you and your work (when you aren’t glued to your phone)
  • The ability to be an all rounded person – who can connect with their families, partners and friends: peaceful, happy and present.


There are some misconceptions about what self-care actually is. Here are some things I hear regularly from my clients:

“I don’t have the time for self care”

“I can’t drop anything that I have going on at the moment so I don’t know when I’ll do it”

“I get my nails done/go to the gym once a week, isn’t that enough?”

So, let’s clear this up. Self-care is essential me-time maintenance. It’s not all about retreats in Bali and weekends away, though that is all good. If you have time to brush your teeth (you do have time for that don’t you?) you most definitely have time for self-care.  I regularly start working with clients and find they have at least an hour a day that they could use by either dropping something that really doesn’t matter like watching reruns of box sets or by getting support like asking someone in your house to help with housework.  If there was an actual emergency you would drop everything so think of self-care as the step before that emergency.  But for it to become part of your every day life you need to do it every day – getting your nails done every few weeks or going to the gym  once a week is great but it’s the daily commitment that is going to pay off for you, your business and your relationships.

Here are 6 steps I suggest for you to get really successful at your self-care and flourish in your work and life.

-Get really clear on where you are spending your time every day

What’s essential and what’s not. Be really honest. This is your life, and yes, you have commitments but ask yourself “What’s draining me and not contributing to my life and work.

– Identify where you have time to spare

I recommend finding at least 30 minutes a day and using that time as your dedicated self-care time

-Schedule + hold yourself accountable

-Choose self care that works for you

Try things out. See what works for your life, location and needs. Some people love reading as part of their self-care to switch off. For you you might prefer to get outside and take a walk (without your phone) Mix it up as well. Don’t let yourself get bored or feel your self-care is another thing on your to-do list

-Do things (apart from work) that you love

This is such a powerful and simple exercise that I work with my clients on. Draw up 3 sections on a sheet of A4. In column one: Write out 10 things that you love to do (NOT work – I know you love what you do but work doesn’t go down on this list!) Things that genuinely light you up make you feel good and create joy in your life. In column 2: write down how often you do each of these things daily/weekly/monthly/never. Then in column 3 write down an action you are taking to start doing each more often or more consistently.

-Remember self care is in the moment as well

Crucially so much of it is down to your mindset. Think about yourself as your best mate. What would you tell them if they wanted to feel more relaxed and happier in their life? Practice mindfulness as the healthiest habit you can ever have. Self-care is also how you talk to yourself and how you support yourself. From making great choices and setting good boundaries to switching off more often from tech and acknowledging when you have done something really well. Your relationship with yourself will nurture yourself, your business and your relationships more than any spa day could.

Above all else let go of having to do any of this perfectly. Commit to taking on board these 6 suggestions and let yourself make mistakes with it. Track how you feel when you do practice self-care and remember, you will have so much more energy, inspiration and enjoyment from your work when self-care is as important as checking your emails.

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Kara is an award-winning entrepreneur coach, consultant and author. She supports change makers to create compassionate change in the world. You can connect with her on social here https://www.facebook.com/sensitivesuperstars

Instagram: karavgrant

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