Our vision at The Freelance Kit is to provide a one-stop-shop of resources to empower freelancers and help you not just survive but thrive.

We’ve done this by providing all of the documentation and templates you need to run your business and by creating a brilliant community and a membership option with incredible value.

We know that one of the biggest ball-aches and most time-consuming jobs for freelancers is knowing where to find decent resources and templates. You end up spending endless hours down a Google rabbit hole looking for contracts, terms and conditions, business planning docs and media lists.

So, we’ve done the work for you and created the ultimate Freelance Kit. The kit includes 150 pages of high-quality and beautifully designed templates covering everything from business planning (the finances, the legal stuff) to how to plan a cracking social media schedule and set your all-important goals (if we’ve sparked your interest, take a look at all 150 available here).

The kit will mean you can spend more time focused on the important stuff, like growing your business and delivering brilliant client work.

Marketer and agency owner Nikki Kitchen (that’s me below, hi ) created the Freelance Kit platform to make your freelance life that bit easier.

I started off freelancing in 2012 before the business quickly turned into an agency in the first six months, it was a crazy time! Purple Riot is now a multi-award-winning, 6-figure business, so I know allll of the challenges and ups and downs that come with working for yourself. When I started, there were barely any resources, and I had to figure most things out myself, and fast!

Running my agency has meant employing all sorts of different freelancers over the years, and I’m super passionate about freelance rights and equal pay across gender and ethnicity.

I’m also very passionate about mental health and always do my best to help other self-employed people weather what can be a very lonely storm at times!

I hope that The Freelance Kit has all the resources you need to live your best freelance life, and we’re proud to donate a percentage of all our sales to mental health charity Mind.

Good luck on your freelance journey.

Nikki Kitchen, Founder x

Nikki Kitchen

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