Although the COVID19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown has hit many self-employed people hard – let’s take the opportunity to celebrate the positive reasons for going, or remaining, part of the UK’s incredible freelance community.

Here are our top five reasons why being a freelancer rocks…

You are the master of your own destiny 

Despite the uncertainty that lockdown has created, with lost contracts and parked new business meetings the norm, being a freelancer still offers you more control than being employed.  Employment can appear to be the more stable choice, but in many cases, staff members work with constant threats of redundancy due to the streamlining of departments, cost cuttings and lost contracts. 

And, while furlough may appear to be an extended holiday, many freelancers have used their spare time in lockdown to work on their business models, improve their skills and mindsets, look for new clients and widen their contacts book. 

Freelancing can be hugely empowering when you think of it that way. You are always the master of your own destiny and never have to worry about being out of a job. 

There is no salary cap

Unlike employment where there are usually strict salary caps for most roles, there is no glass ceiling for freelancers.  Your earnings reflect your hard work, your focus, and your passion, and you can make the decisions when it comes to how much you charge and how much time off you have.  

It may be a wild ride on occasion, but having a more hands-on approach to your finances can be a very positive thing. 

You can work around your other commitments 

Although employment overall is becoming more flexible as tech improves and attitudes towards the nine-to five-day change, being a freelancer means you have ultimate control over when you work and how you spend your day. 

Sure, there will be deadlines, and sure you’ll be busy with client work, but freelancing allows you to design your life around other commitments. You may have taken to the leap into freelancing for this very reason – so if you want to pick your kids up from school, walk your dog, work on a side hustle, give time to a charity project, take up a hobby or simply support family members and friends, freelancing will give you the freedom to do it. 

Employment will simply never be as flexible as freelancing, and having this level of control will also help with your mental wellbeing and work-life balance. 

You are part of an incredible collaborative community 

The UK’s freelance community is an incredible thing to be a part of. Freelancers are always happy to collaborate, share resources, pass work around and support each other. 

The Freelance Kit’s Facebook group has become a great place for members to share tips, resources, links, free training, post supportive info and ask questions. 

Even though you may not always have colleagues to bounce ideas off – social platforms and groups step in to provide this function for the freelance community. 

You could be the answer to business success in a post COVID19 world 

Although we are all unsure about the future to some extent, freelancing could prove to be a huge part of the business re-build when things start moving on again. Lots of businesses will prefer to turn to agile freelance support giving them much more flexibility whilst business is rebuilt. 

Freelancers are hugely talented, very experienced and can provide services on a cost-effective, project-based basis for businesses, without the large agency costs or the requirement to hire a new employee. 

Things may seem bleak and uncertain for some, but don’t lose heart – keep pushing, keep reaching out and stay positive.  The rainbow after the storm is on its way! 

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