Freelancer Of The Week

Our new series features freelancers from our community.

This week we spoke to Margaret Etudo, a medical copy writer from Nigeria. Margaret has just had her first piece of work published here and her Instagram handle is @tuddoss_writes 

What’s your background and what do you do now?

I am currently studying Pharmacy and I’m also a Medical Copywriter. I help health-related businesses to increase their profits through my effective sales copy.

Have you been affected by the crisis?

Well, yes I have. I am not going to school at the moment and I’m also getting claustrophobic with the whole stay-at-home madness. Asides from that, it has been pretty good and relaxing and waking up to anything but an alarm clock.

How are you feeling and what have you done during the crisis to manage your mental health?

I’m not too happy at the moment with what is going on globally. There’s distraught among Nigerian citizens against female abuse. That is pretty upsetting. I try to read calming articles, improve myself and listen to music that calms my mind.

What did your normal day look like before and what does it look like now?

It was pretty much go to school, read a lot and rest. That was because I needed to obtain fantastic grades in Pharmacy school. After the lockdown began, I didn’t pay much attention to my books, I started to do something more. That’s when I ventured into freelancing and that’s the one decision I will never regret. It has made me see so much more in me than academics. My communication skills have improved by 200%, and I even developed a better understanding of EQ.

What is your biggest achievement? 

My biggest achievement is becoming a versatile person.  I have been able to boost my resume with skills that every company is looking for. Not only do I have an exceptional IQ, but I’ve also learnt leadership skills, marketing skills, communication skills, and IT skills.

These are things I couldn’t get in my education, and I’m happy I acquired them in this short period.


Thank you Margaret for taking part.

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