The Freelance Kit: 150 Beautifully Designed Templates and Spreadsheets. Save time, get organised and get paid. 

Sick of wasting time looking for business planning templates to run your freelance business? Do you want to spend more time winning clients and delivering brilliant client work? Well we’ve done the work for you! Save time, get organised and get protected with our ultimate freelance kit.

We put you in complete control of planning and managing your freelance business with 150 high-quality digital templates and spreadsheets including a 15-page contract template (worth £300 on its own!) a National Awareness Days calendar, spreadsheets for cash flow and templates for goal setting, social media and content plans and lots lots more!


” The Freelance Kit was one of the best purchases I made just before I took the leap into freelance life. The products are extremely well designed & highly professional. I’ve already recommended it to everyone I know!” Jennifer Hodgson MODA PR

” Really helpful templates, terms and guidance, especially for people that are new to working for themselves and could do with a steer. Well worth the price!” Jacqueline Buckland, Freelance Social Media Consultant at Social Wick

” I purchased The Freelance Kit when I first started my business, it includes lots of great, useful resources that I struggled to find anywhere else. The contract and timesheet templates in particular I’ve found really beneficial and I’m still using now, nearly two years on. I’d 100% recommend TFK to anyone starting their freelance journey.” Beccy Gibson, Tempt Marketing 

The templates are easily editable digitally or you can print the kit. You can see a snapshot of the templates included in the images and a full breakdown below.

  1. For digital or print use
  2. 100 % Customisable
  3. Beautifully designed worksheets that are easy to edit





The Freelance Kit is worth over £500 and includes:

  1. A National Awareness Days Calendar (Worth £39.99)
  2. Freelance contract template (Worth £300)
  3. Set up & business vision and goal planning
  4. A freelance business plan template
  5. A freelance personal survival budget list
  6. Monthly lead tracking templates
  7. How to find your perfect client research templates
  8. Setting annual and monthly goals
  9. Monthly goals and income review
  10. My brand planning template
  11. Brain dump and notes pages for research
  12. Annual master plan and goals template
  13. A project planner
  14. Social media planning for strategy, audience and platform
  15. Social media activity and content planners with cheat sheet
  16. 30 days of content cheat sheet and planner template
  17. Hashtag planner with cheat sheet
  18. Blog strategy & content planning with cheat sheets for ideas
  19. Financial planning templates for freelancers with expense tracker and income and outgoings tracker
  20. Monthly and annual financial review trackers
  21. Reflect & review-Annual income and goals review planner
  22. A cash flow spreadsheet
  23. A critical path project planner spreadsheet
  24. A time sheet
  25. An freelance invoice template
  26. A client budget tracker
  27. A project proposal template

The Freelance Kit also contains a proposal template which is included as a PDF and PowerPoint file but should be updated in Canva which is super easy to use and you’ll receive by link in your purchase email.

You can also convert the PDF using I Love PDF to any other format that you’re used to working with. All the content and colours can be easily updated within all platforms.

The rest of the PDFs in the kit can also be edited easily using Adobe Acrobat, or you can convert them to other formats easily using I Love PDF for free! But if you’re like us and still love to write things down, you can, of course, print the sheets and use them the old-fashioned way!

You can use the spreadsheets in Excel or Google Docs.

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