The Pro Kit



For established freelancers managing clients and projects. Or, for the new freelancer who wants a bit more support with finances and projects.

The pro kit comes as an instant digital file. You can edit the files digitally using all major software including Apple Pages, Adobe Acrobat, Google Docs and Microsoft or, you can print and write on the planning templates.



What’s in the kit?

  • Invoice template
  • Contract template
  • Time Sheet template
  • A critical path project management spreadsheet
  • My business values, ideal client and research pages
  • My brain dump pages
  • Personal survival budget template
  • My leads page
  • My resources page
  • Weekly, monthly and annual time planners
  • To do list
  • Set-up actions
  • And relax colouring pages and book list notes
  • Project planner
  • Client budget planner spreadsheet
  • Financial planners including expense tracker and monthly income tracker
  • Monthly outgoings tracker
  • Monthly financial review
  • Reflect and review income, outgoings and profits
  • Annual goals review
  • Annual income review




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