So here we all are – freelancers, business owners, solopreneurs – welcome to the freelance self-employed club!  Frankly I’m a firm believer in networks as a tremendous source of support.  No-one tells you all the challenges you’ll have to face – the frustrations, the constant learning, the second-guessing ….

For example do you remember when you were younger and parenthood looked seamless?  Not just seamless but it was as if new parents had their Mary Poppins gene kicked in and this spell had bewitched the child into utter perfection.  They fed, slept and even pooped on time, in fact with precision you could set your watch to.  Their little gurgles and smiles would make everyone’s hearts melt, strangers would even cross the street in adoration…… yep you may have thought to yourself, piece of cake!

Then as you got older, perhaps you or your friends had babies and all of a sudden the reality isn’t quite as picture perfect.  Constantly sleep deprived, feeling like an extra from the Walking Dead only able to grunt and point….and that’s after sleep!  Any fashion choice is constantly in risk of receiving a splattering of baby vomit, casually thrown dinner and if you’re really lucky a gifted explosive nappy (of course followed by a smile as if they knew what they were doing).  As intelligent human beings, the frustration of not being able to stop the constant screaming or crying can drive you to pretty much to the brink of insanity.

And yet, for that one smile amidst the madness and mayhem, you wouldn’t consider trading it for the world!  You’ve joined the club where others have dared to tread and at least they can help guide you through the process…..or at least have the decency to bring wine and tell us how they make it look so easy!

Some of us will have just started our businesses, whereas others may have been running their companies for years.  Either way, similar to the parenting club, the business owner/entrepreneurial/freelancer club can be a very different reality to what we may envisaged in our heads when we first started and no-one, no-one, is born ready to deal with every given situation – it is a constant learning experience.

We’re living in an exciting time where technology, lifestyle and opportunity mean more of us are working for ourselves.  We’re finally doing what we love, almost to the point of obsession, and hopefully working on a passion that makes us happy.  In Richard St John’s Ted Talk – 8 Secrets To Success – we’ve stopped being work-a-holics for other people, but instead become work-a-frolics for ourselves and creating a life and a lifestyle we had only previously dreamed.

Yet on the other side of that coin, not everyone will share your journey with you.  Your friends, family, colleagues even your partner will be pleased for you but despite their best intentions, running a business is not something that everyone can fully comprehend. There is plenty of confusion, juggling, worry and stress – days, weeks, months where you feel like you’ve experienced ten rounds in the boxing ring and just as things are running smoothly again having to deal with an unexpected gift akin to an explosive nappy situation.

Truth be told it can be pretty isolating, so my advice for anyone working for themselves?  Find your support network of like-minded people who lift, inspire and can advise – your tribe!  I always feel enlightened by the positivity, excitement and energy of someone else doing their own thing.  It acts as a constant reminder of why you decided to do this yourself too.  As you grow and develop as a person through this exciting challenge, it’s a connection with those who also dared to jump and create the life they want.

Finally you’re able to talk to those who understand your situation, your challenges, your fears, your doubts.  They can even offer a new perspective or advice, share resources and tips or refer you to someone you need to contact.  They’re there to remind you of what you’ve achieved so far when you feel like you’re not progressing, and when you feel the strain of constantly taking one step forward/two steps back they remind you to kick off your heels and relish the dance!

It is a boost, a tonic, sometimes a much needed kick up the backside!

So welcome to this freelance and self-employed network where you can build your tribe with brilliant people who are also committed in succeeding and driving their businesses forward as you are.  The reality is we don’t know or have the answers to everything.  This thrilling journey of running your business is unique to you and wouldn’t think of trading it in.  Even during your times of mayhem and especially times to celebrate – remember you always have your tribe …..and wine!!

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